Chapter 5 Vol 3
Causes of High Blood Cholesterol

Having high cholesterol can be detrimental to your health, and it opens up doors for many diseases in the future. According to the latest statistics, more than 100 million Americans suffer from high cholesterol today.

So what causes it? Here are 5 most common causes of high blood cholesterol.

1) Poor Diet

A poor diet, packed with saturated fats, trans fats and extremely high cholesterol can increase your risk for heart attack. You can easily find this in food that comes from animals. Beef, bacon, ribs, burgers, eggs and sausages contain saturated fat. Also, you should also stay from packaged food that contain palm oil, coconut oil or cocoa butter.

2) Physically Inactive

If your cholesterol numbers aren’t where they ought to be, working out should be a key part of your get-healthy strategy. By increasing your activity level, it will help you lose or maintain your weight. The level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the kind of lipoprotein that’s been linked to heart disease is usually high in those who’re overweight.

3) Age & Sex

The older you get, the greater the risk you have for heart diseases, no matter what sex you are. However, the females have quite a unique advantage in the earlier stage of their lives. They tend to have low cholesterol level until menopause, which explains why less young females suffer from heart diseases compared to men.

But this grace period ends after their menopause. The risk of contracting heart diseases after that is the same as male, so ladies, do not be negligent to your health!

4) Genetics

Your family history may also affect your cholesterol level. High cholesterol may run in your family. So pay attention to your family history.

Hereditary plays a big role in any health conditions. In fact, there are well over 100 genes that are responsible for your cholesterol level. And all you need is one bad gene to mess up your body system!

Usually, hereditary-caused hypercholesterolemia is extremely difficult to treat by simply following a diet plan. These people have to consult their doctor for proper medication.

5) Cigarette Smoking

Cigarette kills. In your lipid profile aspect, it will significantly lower your “good” cholesterol level, HDL while damaging the inner lining of your blood vessels, causing atherosclerosis. Forming of plague or atherosclerosis is the first stage of heart disease. When it fully clogs your vessels, stroke or heart attack can occur abruptly, causing instant death. Even if you’re a second hand smoker, you’re still in danger. So stay away from those smokers.

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